Amada’s Top Ten Tips to Becoming An Author

Be a writer by reading and writing every single day or night

Enjoy the process – remember it is a process, not just a means to an end

Announce to everyone that you want to be published – it can get you leads

Never doubt that you are good enough…YOU ARE!  Beware of insecurity and fear

Amaze yourself (and others) with your self-discipline and perseverance

Understand that it takes a very long time to finish a piece and get it published

Teamwork is essential with editors, publisher, agent, (illustrator works separately)

Homework is a must!  Do careful research (internet, library, Writers’ Market, etc.)

Overcome every obstacle you (or others) set – talk to or read about other authors

Remember to keep writing no matter what –rejections are normal- expect some

 You ARE a WRITER because you write, not because you publish!  Good luck!