Nana's Big Surprise/Nana, Que Sorpresa! - Buy on Amazon.com
Finally, the day arrived when we all piled into our old blue station wagon and drove to meet Nana at the bus station.

"There she is!" I cried. Through the bus window, I could see her familiar flowered rebozo... It was strange not seeing Tata next to her.

Nana's move from Mexico should be a joyous occasion. But this summer Nana is coming to California because Tata, beloved husband and abuelo, has died. Amada and her five brothers hope to cheer her up with a surpriseÑa coop full of fluffy yellow chicks, just like the ones Nana raised with Tata in Mexico. But no matter how hard everyone tries to make Nana feel better, it seems like nothing can bring a smile to her face. That is, until one day the chicks reveal a little surprise of their own.
My Diary from Here to There/Mi Diario De Aqui Hasta Alla - Buy on Amazon.com
One night, young Amada overhears her parents whisper of moving from Mexico to the other side—to Los Angeles, where greater opportunity awaits. As she and her family make their journey north, Amada records her fears, hopes, and dreams for their lives in the United States in her diary. How can she leave her best friend behind? What if she can't learn English? What if her family never returns to Mexico? From Juárez to Mexicali to Tijuana to Los Angeles, Amada learns that with her family's love and her belief in herself, she can make any journey and weather any change—here, there, anywhere.
My Very Own Room/Mi Propio Cuartito - Buy on Amazon.com
"Aha! This was it! This could be my room. I imagined it with my own bed, table, and lamp—a place where I could read the books I loved, write in my diary, and dream."

Five little brothers, two parents, and a house full of visiting relatives make a young Mexican American girl feel crowded. She loves her family, but how can she get a little space of her own? Her loving and understanding family works together to turn a small storage space into her very own room. This delightful memoir of a childhood in El Monte, California, pours from the pen of first-time author and bilingual teacher Amada Irma Pérez with exuberance and skill. Renowned painter Maya Christina Gonzalez brings the captivating scenes to life with bold colors and whimsical details.